2017 Edition

Inspiring Positive Change – this year we focus attitude, the attitude needed to inspire positive change; photographs and work from invited and selected photographers for this year’s edition will induce us to reflect on what must we do for discrimination, prejudice, poverty, inequality and climate change become themes of the past.
12 exhibitions, five workshops, three lectures, a masterclass, six commissions, an international residence, a live concert, a documentary film series and a national photographic marathon are the pillars of the Festival that will extend to the entire city of Viseu. Fujifilm FIF Viseu will be online in two languages (PT and ENG) and photographers from around the world will meet in the city of Viseu revealing their perspective on issues that are critical to the sustainability of the world as we know it. Special guests will bring to the city and to Portugal their unique vision on concurrent matters, elevating the spirit of the Festival.
Viseu, as the organizing city, will have a central role in some of the commissioned works: the elderly, young people and people with special needs, as well as the environment will be targeted by several photographers.
Fujifilm will bring to Viseu some of the most respected X-Photographers on a mission that will take them to meet some of the city and district individualities, portraying them as never seen before.
The entire city of Viseu will engage in a festival designed to have impact locally, nationally and internationally, raising the status of photography transversally.