4 photographers cross paths in “Piles of Trash”

Fujifilm FIF Viseu promotes 4 international commissions under the theme “Piles of Trash”. The Festival aims at generating an ample, open and enticing discussion about how developed countries see themselves when it comes to deprived citizens, inequality, scarcity, unemployment, homelessness. The title derives from a study conducted by Princeton University that concluded that for the wealthiest citizens it’s common to see poorer people as less able, less special, or worst, it is common for these privileged citizens to not even recognize the poorer as people. The study where the investigators showed photos of homeless people, beggars, to rich citizens showed that those images weren’t able to stimulate the areas of the brain usually active when people think about other people or themselves. On the contrary, students from higher classes reacted to images as if “they’ve stumble on piles of trash”.

The Festival commissionedAdrian Dominguez (Spain), Daniel Seiffert (Germany), Gunta Podina (Sweden) and John Gallo (UK/Portugal) to work this subject according to the inherent reality of their countries, particularly on how each of their societies relates with poverty.

The result will be showcased during the Festival in a collective exhibition, central to this year’s edition of Fujifilm FIF Viseu.

Photo: John Gallo