The Photographic Marathon starts now

The Photographic Marathon starts now. This are the theme for you to explorer the next 24 hours.

1. Silence (#ffifvsilence)
2. Passion (#ffifvpassion)
3. Dreams (#ffifvdreams)
4. Life (#ffifvlife)
5. Food (#ffifvfood)
6. Anger (#ffifvanger)
7. Faith (#ffifvfaith)
8. Depression (#ffifvdepression)

Everyone enroled can now start sharing their photographs in instagram with the hashtag #maratonaffifv (mandatory), the hashtags for each theme are optional. There’s no order or time throught the day you have to upload the images, as long as you do it before midnight. Good luck!

Any other doubts check the rules at or write us to