Fujifilm FIF Viseu is the international photography festival of the city of Viseu and it will happen between May 5 to June 4, 2017. Referential, the guiding line of the festival is quality and timelessness of all works exhibited. World-renowned photographers bring to Portugal and to Viseu in particular exceptional photographic series – a unique opportunity to contemplate one-of-a-kind photography. Fujifilm FIF Viseu will bring together photographers, opinion makers, scientists, politicians, journalists and spectators around themes, workshops, lectures and masterclasses that are critical to the development and sustainability of our world.

The Festival commissions photographers to work on themes related to the leitmotif of each edition. The Festival will also promote an international residence and unequivocally encourage and support the talent of local and national photographers, whether emerging or established names within the art.

Fujifilm FIF Viseu will have extensions in other cities, affirming itself as one of the most important promoters in the dissemination of photography as a form of universal communication, uniting peoples, causes and wills, while recording in a unique and unrepeatable way the chaotic diversity that surrounds us.


Co-organized by Chappa and the Municipality of Viseu, Fujifilm FIF Viseu has John Gallo as the artistic director, Guida Rolo as the executive producer.


From 2018 onwards Fujifilm FIF Viseu will expand to other cities: this memorable festival will be nearer you in the future.