Photographic Marathon

Vencedora: Julieta Fersenin

This past Saturday took place FFIFV’s Photographic Marathon and now it’s time to announce the winner.
Between all the participations, the photographs of Julieta Feresin caught the eye of the jury and won this year’s marathon tackling the following purposed themes: passion, silence, dreams, life, depression, anfer, faith and food.

Julieta Feresin, who submitted her work from Argentina, will now be given a weekend stay in Viseu by Be My Guest (dinner included). Her work will be displayed in the next edition of FFIFV who will also comission an exhibition to the photographer.

Initial Challenge

This Photographic Marathon is a challange to photographers and instagrammers all over the world to get involved in FFIFV and compete for a chance to exhibit and publish your work in this Festival. In addition “Be My Guest” is offering a weekend stay to the winner. All you have to do is take pictures according to the themes we will publish here and upload them to instagram. It all starts on June 2nd.

Image credits: Julieta Feresin.

Photographic Marathon Regulation

1 – It starts at 00:00 am June 2 and ends at 24:00 the same day.

2 – Participants from all over the world are accepted.

2.1. In order to participate it is mandatory to enroll in until 24h00 of 2 of June.
2.2. On the day of the Marathon at and we will announce the 8 themes at the start of the marathon.
2.3. Image manipulation is permitted.
2.4. Each participant must publish in their instagram at least one imagem per theme using the hashtag #maratonaffifv and the hashtag of the respective theme.
2.5. The images submitted to the contest will have to be sent to the email until 12 noon on Sunday, June 4, 2017.

3. Will win the competitor that the jury gather the greatest number of best images, taking into account the narrative and the correlation between them. The chairman of the Jury is Roger Tooth. The Jury is composed by John Gallo, Luís Belo, Guida Rolo and Pedro Seixas. The decision of the Jury is irrevocable.

4 – The winner will receive as a prize: the production of an individual exhibition with images resulting from this year’s marathon in the 2018 edition of the Festival; a book publication with essay commissioned by the Festival to the author, to develop during the first five months of 2018 (this will have to be an unpublished essay, subject to the theme of the 2018 Festival) and also a weekend stay with Be My Guest at its Viseu unit (dinner included).

5. Results will be reported June 5, or on subsequent days, depending on the volume of images received.

6 – Files with 112 DPI and a minimum of 2000 pixels on the longest side will have to be provided by the contest winner after being notified.

7 – By participating, all candidate images may be used by the Festival and its members in promoting the same or future editions, as well as promoting events related to its members.